MusicFest Shuttle & MSU Parking


Presales for the MusicFest shuttle are now closed. You may purchase on-site at Bobcat Stadium at least 30 min prior to departure times.

Catch our MusicFest shuttle at MSU in Bozeman and avoid the drive to and from Big Sky! Deadline to sign up is 5PM MDT, Wednesday, August 15.

  • Shuttle pick up is located at Bobcat Stadium:   1 Bobcat Cir, Bozeman MT, 59718

  • Cost is $7 per day per person. Price includes your wristband and one parking pass at Bobcat Stadium (price is the same if you do not use our designated parking area). If you are attending both days of the festival, please be sure to purchase both Friday and Saturday passes.

  • All passes MUST be picked up by Friday the 16th by 5:30 PM at MSU police station 1750 S 7th Ave, Bozeman, MT 59715.

  • You will need to provide your ID to receive your parking/shuttle packet. Each packet will consist of a parking pass for stadium parking that must be placed on the dash of your vehicle, and your wristband(s). You must have your wristband on to load the shuttle.

  • If you plan on walking to the stadium and not parking the cost is the same, and you will need to pick up your shuttle wristband(s) from the police station. ID will be required for pick up.

  • It is your responsibility to be at the shuttle pickup locations prior to the pickup times. We are not responsible for missed shuttles.

Departure Times For Friday, August 16:

From MSU to Moonlight MusicFest: 1:00 PM, 1:30PM, 2:00PM

From Moonlight MusicFest to MSU 11:30 PM

Departure Times For Saturday, August 17

From MSU to Moonlight MusicFest: 9:00 AM
From Moonlight MusicFest to MSU: 11:30 PM

DISCLAIMER: Moonlight MusicFest and Montana State University are not responsible for any damage done to vehicles while parked in the Bobcat Stadium Parking lot.